Unlike other moving companies, we have dedicated a team of professionals who specialize in handling commercial goods, no matter what the size, weight or fragility of your industrial goods. The professionals who work for us have extensive knowledge on relocating industrial items with unparalleled care.

We know how expensive industrial products can be and how important they are to you, which is why we pay special attention to handling such goods. After all, you need skilled hands that can relocate your items safely. Affordable Brea Movers have the manpower and expertise to take care of all such demands.

We believe moving commercial goods is one of the most sophisticated and physically demanding tasks where the margin for error is virtually non-existent. This is why we use state of the art equipment such as padded trucks, industrial grade packing materials and moving equipment to transport heavy commercial machineries and goods.

Our Work as Commercial Movers

No matter how large or fragile your items are, we take pride in serving you to the best of our abilities. We believe that every customer has different needs and we tailor our moving equipment, packing materials and crew members accordingly.

Here are some of the commercial moving projects we have undertaken:


When it comes to moving warehouses, size simply does not matter. We specialize in handling both small to medium and fairly large warehouses without any hesitation. We truly believe we are one of the best moving companies in Brea, California – to date, we have moved warehouses of all scales in different niches, owing to our extensive level of moving knowledge and expertise.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel and restaurant owners require skilful moving professionals who can seamlessly relocate their items. Usually, items found in hotels and restaurants are big and found in large quantities. Common goods include furniture, interior decor items and ornaments. We use industrial grade packing materials to ensure safety of these items and relocate them in padded vans and trucks to ensure 100% safety.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Some of the most volatile, sensitive and fragile items are found in hospitals and pharmacies. Affordable Brea Movers are among the few who can handle such projects with ease and mastery. We have highly skilled professionals who bear the responsibility of safely relocating your goods to the new location. For complete peace of mind, we may use medical personnel to accompany us on the move to assure every item has been packed and moved, taking the appropriate measures.

Offices and Shops

Despite our track record which boasts mammoth moving tasks such as the ones highlighted above, we never hesitate to help you move shops or offices. As a shop or office owner, your circumstances might be continually changing, which at times creates the demand for an urgent move. For such demands, we are an ideal choice because one of our strong qualities is providing same-day moving services at very competitive rates.

Affordable and Reliable Commercial Moving

Most moving companies charge corporate customers an arm and a leg but this isn’t the case with us. We focus more on building healthy business-to-business relationships with our clients so that they do not hesitate to reach out to us in future, or recommend us to others in their professional circle.

If you want to know how reliable our moving services are, take a look at the testimonials and reviews left by our beloved customers. Our social media pages are filled with positive feedbacks that clearly show to what lengths we have gone to deliver an awe-inspiring moving service to our customers.

Call us at (714) 706-3322 to avail our moving services and leave all the worries behind. Our representative will fill you in on all mandatory details, so that you start moving with the best movers in Brea, California.

Quick Contact

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