Long Distance Movers


When you plan to relocate outside a 20-mile radius from your current location, it is considered a long distance move, often referred to as a long distance service as well.

Throughout our tenure, we’ve heard customers complain about the terrible experiences they have had with other moving companies. And unfortunately, there are moving firms in Brea that just don’t care about you or your goods the way they should. They see you as a means of gaining profit and nothing else.

This, however, isn’t the case with us. Our team of professionals takes full responsibility to provide you a service that you will remember for years. We understand that you’ve bought all your goods with hard-earned money. We treat your possessions like they are our own and this is one major reason why people are quick to choose our moving company when they need moving services in Brea.

Over the years, we’ve been satisfying our customers by providing the best care to their belongings over the course of the move. Whether you’re moving household goods or industrial equipment, we have extensive experience in taking care of your belongings and protecting them from any undue harm.

How it Works

When you wish to relocate outside a 20-mile radius, we dispatch an estimator to your current location to quote an estimate for the long distance move. This individual also guides you through the moving process so that you’re better prepared to start moving.

Our estimator will ask for the date you wish to move on so we can have all our resources ready in advance. In the meantime, he/she prepares a list of items that will be relocated to your new home, office or warehouse. This makes the whole process flow smoothly.

Once everything is in order, you receive a notification through phone, text or email to remind you about the big moving day. Our team of professionals arrives on schedule and start preparing for the move. You can call (714) 706-3322 to book them now.

The Moving Procedure

Step 1: Whilepreparing to move your items, we make sure each one is carefully cleaned and packaged using adequate packing materials, so that each item is safe from dust, damage, or any wear and tear during the move. During the packaging process, items are categorized and tagged accordingly which makes unpacking quick and convenient.

Step 2: Your belongings are loaded to a padded moving van which secures your goods from any bumps or jolts during the commute. Throughout the moving process, every item that is moved from your location is checked off on the inventory list, to ensure that nothing is left behind during the move.

Step 3: Once our van arrives at its designated location, our team of professionals unload all your equipment, goods, and belongings. Your belongings are then transferred in a safe manner. After that, items are unpacked and seamlessly placed where they belong.

As a final step, every item is inspected to make sure your belongings are in their original condition. We just love hearing positive feedback from our customers – your appreciation is what motivates us to go the extra mile every time.

As far as long distance charges go, a number of factors must be accounted for including:

  • Fragility, weight and quantity of goods
  • Distance to the desired location
  • Regulations on moving goods
  • Additional services availed

You can consult with us by calling (714) 706-3322 anytime you want. Our representatives are available 24/7 to offer instant moving solutions to you in Brea, California.

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