Packing notes are shipping documents found in delivery packages. These notes are necessary to inform government authorities, transport agencies and customers about the content that is being moved.

Should you be worrying about this?

With us, you won’t have to. We take full responsibility of keeping the appropriate packing notes at hand that are required to move your package without any hassle.

Don’t opt for moving companies who don’t know the significance of packing notes – it can lead to frustrating problems which frankly, you can do without.

To date, none of our customers have faced any issues owing to shipping document complications. We strictly do things by the book and know what is required to move your content without giving rise to unsavoury situations.

How Packing Notes are Maintained

When you hire Affordable Brea Movers, an estimator reaches at your doorstep to estimate costs and guides you on how the moving process works. During the initial procedure, our first step is to maintain an inventory of items to be moved to the designated location – this inventory is actually a bundle of packing notes.

Packing notes contain itemised details of the content to be packaged. Here are a few things that are enlisted in these notes:

  • Quantity of items in the package
  • Full description of content
  • Weight and shipping dimensions

Government authorities and transport agencies use these notes to tally goods before and after the move. These notes are also given to customers so that they are assured that everything arrives at the desired location as packaged.

For more information, call (714) 706-3322 to connect with one of our representatives right away. Do not hesitate to ask questions related to moving. We are always glad to address your needs in any way we can to help you easily move anywhere in Brea, for that matter.

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