Sometimes, all you need is a set of skilled hands that can quickly and effortlessly relocate your furniture, electronics and other household or commercial goods. While some moving companies tend to over promise but fail to provide a fast moving service, we are proud to offer a distinct same-day moving service to our customers.

Affordable Brea Movers is renowned as “Same Day Movers”, as we have seasoned crew members who have extensive knowledge on handling goods, being punctual and strictly meeting deadlines, even if they have to relocate everything in 24 hours.

As we are an independent moving company and don’t rely on other entities to move the content of our customers, we can easily move your items within a 24-hour period.

While other companies charge high rates for a same-day moving service, are same day packages are still highly affordable. We understand that you require an urgent resolution which has forced you to avail a same-day moving service and we feel that it just doesn’t feel right to charge extra, when you require a reliable, highly quality service at a moment’s notice. Call  (714) 706-3322 to get a quote today.

Most moving companies claim to do the impossible by moving your goods in 24 hours, without arming you with all the relevant information you are entitled to. Same-day moving offers an emergency response to your distress call, where we quickly pack and transport your goods to the desired destination. However, if it takes more than a day to commute, then we will let you know ahead of time that a same-day move is simply not possible.

Same Day Moving Process

The process of same-day moving works on a simple premise. When you let us know that you need immediate last-minute moving services, we dispatch crew members who are specifically trained to manage such emergency situations. Our crew arrives at your location as soon as possible with an estimator who quickly quotes an estimate and walks you through the moving procedure. Once you approve, our team of professionals hasten to start packing your belongings while simultaneously maintaining packing notes.

Once every item is packed with appropriate packing material, you are asked to review the inventory to make sure everything is packed and ready to go. Our team quickly loads your goods onto a van with delicate care, so that your items are not susceptible to any damage despite the urgent timeline.

The designated transport vehicle reaches the designated location as quickly as possible and our crew members get right to work unloading and unpacking your goods. On your preference, all items are placed in their desired location. We tag every item to make it easier to know where they need to go.

If you truly want a reliable and affordable same-day moving service, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (714) 706-3322. We will exceed your expectations by providing a stellar and hassle free moving service in Brea, California.

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